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Eye Donation- Still Rare- WHY?

Jan. 1, 2011

Before starting the article, let me bring into your knowledge some astonishing facts:

  • In India, over 2 million people are corneal blind. In addition to this, with every passing year, figure of 30000 is adding in it
  • Approximately, 20% of blind people resides in India
  • Annual demand of cornea is 100000, but the only available figure is 16000

If I am not wrong, these facts would definitely shock you just like they did to me. Have you ever imagined how a person would lead a life if he is a blind? I am sure even imagining this dreadful situation is enough to send shivers down the spine. Right?

EYES- One of the Important Organs

Eyes are counted among one of the most sensitive and important organs of human body. It is a factor which can make anybody's life heaven or hell. But, for many people in the world, life is like a never-ending night: reason being, they are blind.

Every year, throughout the globe, hosts of people become blind. Some are blind by birth and some lost their visions in some accidents. As a human and social being, if anyone gets the chance to do something for innumerable blind people, it would be worth to provide helping hand to those needy people.

Donate Eye to enlighten life of others

It makes no sense to donate eyes when a person is alive. However, as eyes are of no use after death of a person, it would be sensible decision to make them useful for others by donating them. Despite occurrence of countless death in a year in India, only few would get the chance to see the world with someone’s eyes. Reasons are many, such as:

  • In India, there has been low awareness on account of eye donation
  • People do not see it as a favourable act
  • People do not want to believe on the fact that donating eye is a hassle free process

Last but the least, lots of myths prevail with respect to eye donation due to which many people are unable to contribute in it. So, the time has come to debunk those myths.

MYTH- A person can donate eye up to a specific age.

FACT- After death, any person regardless of his age can donate his eyes provided his cornea is in right condition. Even If deceased person has not taken the decision of donating his/her eye till the time he was alive, his eyes can be donated after consulting with his/her relatives.

MYTH- If a person is wearing spectacle or has cataract or had undergone any eye surgery, he cannot donate eyes.

FACT- As said above, if cornea of an eye is healthy, anyone can donate eye despite undergoing numerous eye surgeries. Those people who wear spectacle can donate eyes if they opt for such surgeries that aim at correcting their vision.

MYTH- Any fee is charged for donating eyes.

FACT- No fee is charged for an eye donation. It is a service declared fee for public interest.

MYTH- Eyes can only be removed at specialized hospitals.

FACT- After death, eyes get removed easily either in the home or at a place where the body is kept.

MYTH- The act of eye donation gives vision to one people.

FACT- The donation of eyes gives vision to two blind people as a blind people is entitled to take one cornea only.

MYTH- Eye donation disfigures the body and face.

FACT- Donation of organs like eyes or any other tissue does not result in disfiguring the body or face.

MYTH- Donated eyes can be bought or sold.

FACT- Donated eyes can never be purchased or sold. It is regarded as noble act and money can never act as its substitute.

So, all and all it can be gathered from the above article that in India, due to low awareness eye donation has not catch pace yet.

Hence, a lot needs to be done in terms of creating awareness. Donating eyes is one of the noblest acts, which everyone gets the chance once in a lifetime during lifetime; everyone strives for doing some noble act. But, when the time comes, many turn down their promises. This time, without waiting for others, why don't you become a volunteer and make life saving decision of donating your eye. So, donate eyes and give light to two blind people for lifting curtain of sorrows from their lives.

Comments on this Article:
Posted By : amarchand kataria         on :Nov. 6, 2011

Very good artical is written and it is fact.Govt , and social body both should enter in the eye donation matter and social binding should bring that the deadbody will be creamated only after donation of eye

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