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Slowly drifting away day after day

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Oct. 3, 2014


Hello Doctors, Specialist Neurologist, Optimist . May I please have your attention? It all started back in July of 2013. My legs were hurting and then they became tight and felt numb. I thought it was because I had been working out too much. Next, my arms felt numb. This had been going on for a couple of days until oneday, on 08/11/2013 I had a panic attack and I felt as if I could not breathe and everything was  going in slow motion. I called the ambulance because I felt like I was dying and they took me to the emergency room at metro south medical center. Actually, they did not send me to a emergency room , yet, they left me in the bed outside of the rooms and just basically calmed me down and told me I was stressed and it was anxiety. I thought they were silly for self diagnosing me without performing any test and weighing other possibilities.  They discharged me with a prescription of no work for 2 days and diagnosis was anxiety. It went away, and then it came back. The next day, I went to another hospital's ER at Ingalls memorial hospital and in less than 10 minutes, without checking my body  or doing blood work and scans on me, a doctor who was in a rush came in and told me it was anxiety and that I should see a neurologist. They discharged me within seconds. The final diagnosis on the discharge paper said paresthesia. They told me to follow up with my primary physician. I had never gone to get the prescription they wrote me. Then days later, it went away. I started noticing that I would get hot and I would feel nervous out the blue when out in public. When I would be around others that I do not know or go around out in public I would have this shaky and nervous feeling and get really hot inside. I am a very healthy person.  I have never had a problem with my health though my family has a history of health issues like diabetes and stuff like that , doctors have never mentioned a health issue with me. I have never had an issue that I know of. I gave birth back in March of 2011. I was 16 years old. They did a epidural. I started having probems happening  at age 18. I do not do drugs or any of that stuff. One day my eyes were going in and out of focus. They would get blurry then focus. I had been stressed every since I had a baby and became a single parent and have been unstable financially. I lived in the suburbs and after high school, I did not have any friends or any transportation or a job or was enrolled in college and my daughter was not in daycare. I was in the house every day with my daughter. At the beginning of April 2014, a pain shot through my head and I felt like I couldn't breathe and like the walls were caving in on me in the house. I went outside to get fresh and my vision was weird. It looked as if  the world was unreal so I went back in the house and I told my mom and she said it was probably another anxiety issue. I tried to sleep it off and wait for it to go back to normal and then days later it still was weird. Like in my eyes were not focusing properly. I had just picked up more contacts too. I was a couple of days away from moving to Georgia with my daughter.  I went to my primary doctor at Advocate south suburban hospital and told her what had been going on she basically told me that I need to see a psychologist or get counseling. I honestly think she did not want to help me because I was using my Medicaid card and I had told her I was moving too. I think it is something with doctors and insurance. If they do not like your insurance they don't want to dea with you. I also had BCBS of Illinois but I don't use it except for really major stuff. Any how back to the docter. This is the same doctor that gave me a shot when I was pregnant and later she was scared because though the test came out negative the first time she gave me a pregnacy test then gave me a shot, they recommended, it must have been to early to detect because it later turned up positive and showed that I was three months pregnant and she told me that I was at high risk pregnacy and that my baby could be deformed because she had gave me a shot while I was pregnant and recommended thst i get an abortion. She ended up being healthy and was born a month premature. I've always had problems with the docter  and she is not a good doctor. Any how back to anxiety. She gave me a prescription for Lorazepam 0.5 MG. 7 pills. I picked them up but never took them. I moved from Ilinois to GA April 7 2014. When I stretch my temples, I can see regular. I know that my weird eye sight which i believe is in my right eye came from the issues I had been having because after that pain shot through my head that one day, my eye sight was weird in which I believe is only in one eye now and is sensitive to light and in my right eye it's like a muscle is stuck or something or a nerve I'm sorry not a muscle because my eyes aren't crossed or cocked eye or nothing. I went to an eye doctor last month here in Georgia in august to renew my eye prescription and get contacts and I use my davis vision blue cross blue shield of Illinois insurance. They were acting funny and told me that my eyes seemed fine. I got new contacts. Prescriptions was basically the same as last.  On August 30, I had a headache and would I would push down on certain spot on my head a relaxing would be released making me feel good and relaxed and making the pain pressure on my head go away. I also feel this relating sensation when say I watch a movie and a sentimental part come on or when I have really good sex. Any how on august 30 I had a panic attack. I called the ambulance and went to the ER at Columbus reginoal health but in a room with no bed but a chair so I sat down. Told them what happend. They did a catscan. Found Nothing. They did not take me seriously and probably thought I was crazy and discharged me with anxiety and gave me a prescription 4 hydroxyzine (vistaril) 12 cap. The reason why I have not taken any medication yet is because I know it is something more to it that can be linked to anxiety. I don't want to make mediction for a wrong diagnosis. I need to see a doctor specialist who knows what they are doing. Who knows im not crazy and know that it could be something  else. Someone who is willing to run test, blood work, scans urine test , spinal tap or whatever to find. Out what is wrong. I get confused and can't focus sometimes. I can not drive and work and do the daily things that I need to do until this is fixed and also do stuff with my daughter. I know that there is something wrong because usually every time I go to the doc for symtoms they found out what was going on such as a pregnacy when I was in labor for anything else I've been to the doctor for too personal stuff I wont talk about on here.  I don't know what is going with my eyes but I cannot  focus out one I properly.  can a doctor please fix me up and figure out what is wrong with me? My eye vision have not been normal for almost 6 months now it is intifering with my daily life and I have not taken medication because I don't really know what the real problem is and I don't want to take medication and I have not been seen by a specialist who really knows what is going on with me. Since I moved to Georgia six months ago I have been in the house and not working or driving or doing regular stuff I should be doing because of my vision. My daughter is not in preschool and she is three and a half now. This issue has set me back and it is very irritating because no one seems to understand and I can not progeess until this is fixed. I live in Rural area of Georgia  too with a friend have not been able to take care of my business like i should since my move . My daughter is so tired of bein stuck here everyday with me. We have not been out the house in weeks anyone can personally help me like a specialist help me get to the bottom of this and fix the problem I would love you forever. I now have back pain I get irritated quickly and nervous it's like this feeling in my head that always feels tight every day but when I push down on a pressure point spot in my head it releases and like I feel like I have no personality and dull when this feeling is not present I feel sick sometimes and I get light headed I have headaches I feel tired sometimes and weak let me remind you you are talking to a young lady who has been healthy her entire life has not had any major problems  I had a baby naturally when I was 16 after that I exercised literally and I was very fit! I just turned 20 this past August please help me I know that I am NOT crazy I need someone to really look at me and help me figure out what's going on and why my vision has not turned back to normal and what is causing this if it can be fixed and the real problem causing anxiety symptoms. I do not want to die that is why I want the problem detected now before it is too late to fix.  PLEASE HELP ME DOCTORS SPECIALIST AND NEUROLOGIST AND OTHERS SPECIALIST.


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