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Amblyopia also known as ‘lazy eye’ is a vision disability that occurs commonly in children. It is a problem of reduced vision that cannot be corrected by glasses and lenses and it is not caused by any eye disease. This defect is generally seen affecting one eye but sometimes it can even diminish vision in both eyes. There are pathways in our nervous system that carry vision message from the eye to the brain, this problem of Amblyopia occurs when these pathways don’t grow strong enough.  Anything that interferes with the formation of clear vision of a child form the age of 0-6 years can be a reason for Amblyopia

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Signs & Symptoms

Symptoms that can often be seen in Amblyopia include: inability to judge depth properly, eyes that do not appear to work together and eyes that turn in and out.

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Forced Vision Treatment Modern Medicine

The main objective of the treatment is to force vision in the lazy eye. This is done by patching the perfect or right vision eye so that vision is forced in the lazy eye. In some cases there are eye drops that are used, these drops blur the vision in the right eye hence again forcing the vision in the lazy eye. This is an alternate treatment to patching the eye.

Sometimes children not only develop the problem of lazy eye but also get the problem of nearsightedness or farsightedness and these can only be corrected by wearing corrective lenses and glasses.

Sometimes there is no way that the vision can be restored hence these children are prescribed to wear glasses or lenses made of polycarbonate. Polycarbonate is shatter and scratch resistant material. This safeguards the prospect of injury to the one good eye that can be caused due to lenses or glasses.

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