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Blepharitis is a chronic inflammation of the eyelids along the edge of eyelids. It is associated with the bacterial infection,may be due to allergy,or due to certain skin condition like acne rosacea. Blepharitis is of two types:

Anterio blepharitis: This condition arise in the front of the eyelids in their margins.This is of two type:Seborrhoeic type and Staphylococcal type.

Posterior blepharitis:This condition is arises in the inner part if the eyelid where the meibomian glands are present to lubricate the margins of eyelids.Posterior blepharitis is also known as meibomian gland dysfuction.In this blood vessels become prominent.Blepharitis is difficuit to manage and it cannot go completely.

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The major and common cause includes the bacterial colonization of the bacteria. There is damage to the eyelids and also there is harm to the glands.Allergy due to the irritants in the atmosphere like chemicals can also cause blepharitis(allergic blepharitis)

Certains skin cancer can also lead to such condition of eyelid.

The ulcerative form (infectious blepharitis) often results in infectious yellowish or greenish discharge.

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Signs & Symptoms

Symptoms are:

Redness in the eye

Irritation in the eye

Itching in the eye

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These are the steps which can be used to maintain a good hygeine in the eyelids condition even when you are suffering from the disease:

Warm compress:Soak a clean cloth in the warm water after properly washing the cloth and hands.Then place it over the eyelids. Use it once or twice for five minutes.Warm compress will help in loosing the residue from the glands and this causes the removal of all material present in the glands.

Eyelids cleaning:Clean the eyelids with the cleaning solution recommended by the doctor.Dip a clean cloth in the cleaning solution.Wipe across your lashes and lid margin.

Eye make ups should be avoided

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Antibiotic medications Modern Medicine

Firstly after diagnosis of blepharitis there should be a proper hygiene condition such using cleansing agents and lid scrubs.There are different treatments for different blepharitis:

For anterior blepharitis there are antibiotics which can kill the bacteria causing the staphylococcal colonies.

Seborrheic blepharitis is associated with the dermatitis.So treating the cause of dermatitis can ure blepharitis also.Regular cleansing with the eyelid scrubs and non detergent shampoos can be helpful in relieving the condition.
Doctors recommend the nutritional supplements with the omega 3 fatty acids to improve the eyelid's oil glands.

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