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Cmv Retinitis


The cytomegalovirus (CMV) retinitis is a medical condition where the retina of the eye gets infected by the virus. This disease is more commonly seen in patients with lowered immune system namely AIDS, chemotherapy, bone marrow transplant and organ transplant etc.

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The CMV is a virus of the group of herpes virus. The infection with CMV is extremely common and most of the time people under the age group of 40 years is found to develop antibodies.

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Signs & Symptoms

Most of the time there are no symptoms but the patient with CMV retinitis may experience the following symptoms namely:-

  • The patient may complain of blind spots.
  • He/she may also complain of blurred vision and other vision related problems.
  • The patient may also experience floaters.
  • It is seen that the disease begins in one eye and later progresses to the other eye.
  • Without treatment the disease may lead to permanent blindness.
  • This blindness can be within 4-6 months time frame or even less.
  • Some patients may also experience retinal detachment.
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This disease is mostly seen in weakened immune systems. AIDS patients are mostly prone to this disease.

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Conservative Treatment Modern Medicine

The patient may be administered drugs to prevent blindness. There may be long term treatment and the drug may be administered orally, intravenously or even directly injected to the eye.

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