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Corneal Injury


Corneal injury is the medical term indicating the injury of the epithelial cells of the eyes of the patient. This injury may be due to any kinds of mechanical trauma and affects only the superficial cells of the epithelium. No scarring occurs due to the corneal injury as the Bowman’s membrane is not injured.

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Corneal injury is mostly caused due to some fine foreign elements entering the eye, such as dust or sand. Contact lenses that don’t fit properly may also cause injury to the eye. In some of the patients the overuse of the contact lenses may also lead to the injury of the cornea. Exposure to the ultraviolet radiation can also lead to the injury of the cornea of the eye.

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Signs & Symptoms

The patient suffering from corneal abrasion has the following symptoms:-

  • The patient may suddenly become very sensitive to light.
  • The vision may become blurred in nature.
  • There may also be mild to moderate eye pain.
  • The patient may feel uneasiness in the eye, he may feel as if some kinds of foreign objects in there in the eye.
  • The eye may become red and sore (swollen eyelids).
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Always try to wear safety goggles in the works that involve cutting of metals, woods, fibers, etc. wear goggles while driving or going in the dusty areas. Sunglasses work towards screening the ultraviolet rays of the sun, hence make a habit of wearing them whenever going outside.    

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Conservative treatment Modern Medicine

The treatment usually involves the prophylactic antibiotics administered to the patient along with the pressure patching for over 24 hours at a stretch. Through this pressure patching the movement of the lids and eyeballs are reduced or made stand still and hence, the epithelial cells get the time to heal naturally. Eye drops may be administered to cut down any chance of infection. The drugs of choices are polymixin/sulfacetamide, erythromycin and fucithalmic. Trimethoprim or polymixin may be administered in patient with injury caused by twig, wood etc to cut down the chances of fungal infection. 

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